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For more then five years, LinkAbility has been working with students on social action issues tying them back to their community.  This year, we made a change to include our Senior Citizen population!  We are seeing an Intergenerational culture shift happening.  Come be part of the change... .

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Reach Out

Work with members in your community and make a difference

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Newest Project

Our Mission

To enrich, inspire and motivate students through sharing of themselves with others.

To create a sense of responsibility and connection for students through educational and social opportunities. 


Get your school involved!  Our student leaders can come speak to your school and explain how volunteering with LinkAbility has helped

them grow for the future...

We have many projects for you to choose from!


Find your inner power by helping others


Janice Brahms-Butler

Executive Director, LinkAbility

  • Help a senior with Alzheimer's
  • Plant a vertical, edible garden at your school.  Learn about our Seed to Plate initiative!
  • Write a one page biography and join our book project!
  • Help our Bucket List- Special Teas!

Hope in Action


Linking Students to the community through social action...

LinkAbility's Alzheimer's Music Project (AMP)

Students create personalized Ipod music for seniors with Alzheimers Disease. 

The results were so encouraging that we

have started outreach to service a wider base of patients and going to model a clinical trial!

The City of Durham

Keep Durham Beautiful

Blue Bamboo

Generations United

AARP Foundation

Lowes and more!

LinkAbility's Garden Legacy Project

Spring is near!  Our first garden was built at the  Durham Performance Learning Center! 

This is a seed to plate movement, involving our students and seniors!  Planting & learning good food habits!  When you purchase one urban pallet garden for yourself, one garden gets planted in your honor at a home in need!

This is a multi-faceted community effort that is creating culture change in Durham...

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